Men's Night Information

Head of Men's Night: Conan Donahue

​Registration 5:30pm - 6:00pm on the patio of the Pro-Shop

​6:15pm Shot-Gun Start

August 3rd Shotgun Start 6:00

Date Game Course Sponsor
May 25th Stroke Play Front 9 YKGC Men's Night
June 1st Las Vegas (Partners) Back 9

Andrew Hunter Electrical

June 8th 4 Team Scramble Front 9 YKGC Men's Night
June 15th Scramble/Ramble Back 9 Century 21- Dwayne Simmons 
June 21st Gender Blender Ladies/Mens Night Combo All 18 Midwest Property Management
June 29th Greensomes (Partners)  Front 9 A&W 
July 6th

4 Team Scramble- White Tees

Back 9 Acasta
July 13th

2 Person Scramble- Red Tees

Front 9 YK Motors
July 20th Pinehurst Back 9 Fire Prevention
July 27th Anyhole (Stroke Play) Front 9 Mediocre Golf Association (MGA)
August 3rd Stableford Back 9 The McLean Family 
August 10th 4 Person Scramble Front 9 Cold cash ATM
August 17th Pink Ball Back 9  
August 24th Stroke Play Red Tees Front 9 Northway Refrigeration 
August 31st

The Grid

Back 9 YK Home inspections
Sept. 14th

Stroke Play Red Tees

Back 9

Northway Refrigeration 

Sept 21st 2 Person Scramble- 3 Clubs Only Front 9 Fire Prevention 
Sept 28th 4 Person Scramble- White tees Back 9 Malca-amit


Men's Night Prize Money Breakdowns


Regular nights will begin at 6:15pm until August when start will become 6:00pm

Handicap cards are required for net prizes on Men’s Night. Cards must be up to date and current.
All games are nine-hole rounds except closing tournament.

Five Dollars for participation in regular night

Two Dollars ($2) for Deuce Pot option

**Must be present for all door prizes.**

Retrogression will apply for ties - worst hole first on the last hole of the nine regardless of where you started (9 or 18).

Please return your scorecard as soon as you complete your 9 holes

Prizes and draws will be done as soon as possible after completion of the round.  If you do not turn in your scorecard by 9:00pm you will not be considered for prizes.

*New* "Lucky Bucks" will be applied to your account the following morning. No physical prizes will be awarded the evening of Men's Night.




There will be an 18-hole Tombstone Tournament on Saturday September 7th starting at 9:00am. This year there will be a two-tee start on holes 1 or 10, the prizes will be divided equally for both 1st & 10th start. This is in an effort to have everyone finish closer together for the banquet meal and prizes.

Sponsored by Breakaway Drilling & Blasting  

Entry Fees for the Tombstone are based on Men's Night Participation

0-2 Men's Nights ($45.00)

3-6 Men's Nights ($25.00)

7-9 Men's Nights ($15.00)

10-13 Men's Nights ($10.00)

13-17 Men's Night ($5.00)

Men's Night Sponsor's are automatically invited to participate at no cost.

**Must be present for all prizes both door and finishing prizes**


Men’s Night Games 

1)    Stableford
2)    Any Hole
3)    Pinehurst (partners)
4)    Grid (4 players)
5)    Las Vegas (partners)
6)    Greensome (partners)
7)    Ace In The Hole (4 players)
8)    3 Game Night (partners)
9)    3 Club Game (partners)
10)  Texas Scramble (4 players)
11)  2 Person Scramble (partners)
12)  Kiwi Dice Night (4 players)
13)  Bingo Bango Bongo (4 players)
14)  Red Tees
15)  Tombstone (Year end tourney)


1)  Stableford

Stableford is a points system. On each hole players gain points based on their NET par score on the hole. The points assigned are as follows:


Net Albatross:  5-Points
Net Eagle:        4-Points
Net Birdie:        3-Points
Net Par:            2-Points
Net Bogey:       1-Point
Net Double:      0-Points

Handicaps: Full


2)  Any Hole

As the name suggests Any Hole is played by removing the flagsticks and allowing players to play their shot to any of the holes on the green. No more complaining about being in the wrong location in this game and the luckiest of the group will walk away with the prize money.


3) Pinehurst

Both players on a team tee off. Each hits the other's ball for their second shot. The pair then chooses the best ball after the two shots. From that point on it is alternate shot.


4)  The Grid

A template is made up and it is unknown to all golfers. Players record their net scores on the scorecard and the template will be placed over the card at the end of the round. One golfers score is selected by the grid card for each hole at the end of the night and is scored accordingly.


5)  Las Vegas

Each team of two adds their net scores together, so if they both had fours the score is 44. If the scores were different then the scoring depends on how you fared to par. If one of you got a par or better you would take the lower score first. For example a 4 and 6 on a par 5 scores 46. If you are both above par, say on a par three, then you take the higher score first giving 64.  The lowest total over the nine holes wins.


6)  2 Person Greensome

This format is a combination of 2 person scramble and alternate shot.  On the first tee, both players hit a tee shot.  The best shot is chosen and the other player will hit the 2nd shot.  The team will continue to hit alternate shots until holed out.


10)  Ace In The Hole

At the end of the first hole, the team decides which member’s score counts on that hole.  At the end of the second hole, the score from one of the three remaining members is used.  At the end of the third hole, the score from one of the two remaining members is used and on the fourth hole, the last member is the “Ace In The Hole” and his score is used.  Repeat, not necessarily using the players’ scores in the same sequence.


11)  3 Game Night

Three formats will be played during the 9 hole round.

The first three holes will be regular stroke play.  Holes 4-6 will be 2 person greensomes.  Holes 7-9 will be 2 person scramble.

Keep your own score.  For holes 4-9, you and your partner will record the same scores, but you will both need to record it individually.

Pick up the ball after double par.


12)  3 Club Game

Same as 2 Player scramble but each player allowed only 3 clubs. Played with a partner. Both hit tee shot then select the best shot and mark it. Both then hit the next shot from this point. Repeat procedure with each shot until you hole out. This event is played off a calculated handicap.


13)  Texas Scramble

Played in groups of three or four. All drive and then select the best shot and mark it. Everyone then hits the next shot from this point. Repeat procedure with each shot until you hole out. This event is played off a calculated handicap.


14)  2 Player Scramble

Played with a partner. Both drive and then select the best shot and mark it. Both then hit the next shot from this point. Repeat procedure with each shot until you hole out. This event is played off a calculated handicap.


16)  Bingo Bango Bongo

Win money from your playing partners!  1 point is awarded on each hole for:  first player to reach the green, player closest to the hole, first player to putt out, lowest net score.  Subtract one point for 3 putts (no gimme putts)!  Most points within the group wins the total entry fees for that group.


17)  Red Tees

Individual play.  All tee shots are played from the forward (Red) tees.


18)  Tombstone

Each player is given a set number of strokes to play their round of golf. The number of strokes is your current handicap plus the course rating. So if you were a 15 handicap you would get 84 strokes to play your round of golf (15 Handicap + 69 Course Rating). Once you have used up all of your strokes your round is over and the player places a tombstone (cross) with their name on it where their final shot has come to rest. If you still have strokes left after playing 18 holes then you would go back to hole number 1 and start again until all of your strokes have been used up. The player that places their tombstone the furthest away from the starting hole wins the tournament.