The Yellowknife Golf Club offers yearly memberships to anyone looking to join the club, with different options ranging from Senior Membership to Junior Memberships we have something for everyone.

The perks of being a member of the Yellowknife Golf Club is not only do you get to be part of this unique golfing experience you will also receive discounted power-cart rentals, discount on merchandise, become a member of Golf Canada and Golf NT, member rates on tournament entry fee's as well as many other benefits.


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Irrigation Levy

The Yellowknife Golf Club will have an Irrigation Levy charge for all membership purchases, green-fee purchases for 2017.

Click here to see letter explaining the Irrigation Levy 

Irrigation Levy - Adult Membership $50.00
Irrigation Levy - Senior/Student Membership $25.00
Irrigation Levy - Junior Membership $25.00
Irrigation Levy - Social/League Membership $25.00
Irrigation Levy - All Green Fees 2%


Membership Fees for 2017 (Price includes GST)

Adult $585.00
Senior (60+) $335.00
Student (19-25 Full-Time Student) $335.00
Junior (18 and Under) $194.00
Family $1410.00
Season Range Pass (includes FOB key Deposit) $249.00
Season Family Range Pass (includes FOB key Deposit) $478.00
Rickshaw Pass $85.00
Clubhouse Locker $53.00
Private Cart Trail Fees $360.00


Social Members

This membership is aimed for those that are looking to only come out a limited number of times throughout the season but want the added member benefits that come with the membership.
There will be a reduced joining fee at the beginning of the season and you will be required to pay a reduced rate each time you play.

Rates for Social Membership:

Yearly joining fee (including Golf Canada)    - $225.00
18-hole green-fee price each time               - $25.00  (saving of $17.00)
9-hole green-fee price each time                 - $15.00  (saving of $11.00)


Men's & Ladies League Membership

For 2017 the Yellowknife Golf Club has developed a new membership category targeting the Yellowknife Golf Club League players, we understand that many only have time to play golf once a week and the league night membership has been created for you to gain the benefits of being a Yellowknife Golf Club member at a reduced rate to play on league nights (must play in ladies/men's night). On top of playing on these nights at no weekly charge we don't want to limit you to only these nights, you may play any day of the week at a reduced green-fee rate. 

Yearly Joining Fee (includes Golf Canada) - $321.00

Reduced Green-Fee Price outside of League Night:

18-hole green-fee price each time               - $25.00  (saving of $17.00)
9-hole green-fee price each time                 - $15.00  (saving of $11.00)

For more information on the social membership please contact the YK Pro-shop at 867-873-4326  or email