Ca$h Scramble

Sep 2, 2019

Handicap Requirements;
- Top 2 Handicap player must equal a minimum of 10 Handicap (Course Handicap)
- Must have a handicap player of 11 or above handicap (Course Handicap)
- Must have a handicap player of 17 or above handicap (Course Handicap)

Event Rules:

No Tee-Shot Minimums (unlimited tee -shots for any player)
Can’t Hit two shots in a row rule, until you reach the putting surface. (Ball must be on the Putting Surface)

The eliminated player, can not hit a “practice shot” when eliminated from that shot. Breach of rule = 2-Shot Penalty.
Once the ball is holed out, players may not practice on the putting green Breach of rule = 2-shot penalty.

All players can putt once on the putting surface
Players to mark down gross score only
Score cards must have two signatures on each score-card.

Participation cost to $400 per team - CASH ONLY

Pay-Outs             (Based on $400.00 per team)                    
0-7 Teams           1st place = 100% of Prize Money               

8-12 Teams         1st Place = 60% of Prize Money         
                            2nd place = 40% of Prize Money

13+ Teams          1st Place = 50% of Prize Money
                            2nd Place = 30% of Prize Money
                            3rd Place = 20% of Prize Money