Course Improvements

7th hole ladies tee                    

In 2013 we rebuilt the ladies tee-box and move it forward 30yards to make the hole more playable for the majority of the women at the Yellowknife Golf Club        

7th hole water hazard                

We wanted to create a clearly defined hazard on this hole, so we cleared out the old swamp area that was running through the fairway and have created a cleaner looking hazard framed by bolder rocks.  The hazard is now clearly marked and requires a well struck straight drive to clear the hazard. 

Putting Practice Green            

A new 9hole putting/chipping area was installed in the summer of 2014.   This new practice area features green material that is similar to the greens on the course at the Yellowknife Golf Club and also features a new artificial apron

New Sign at entrance            

As the Yellowknife Golf Course is a unique golfing experience for any keen golfer, we wanted to offer guest the chance to have that amazing photo opportunity with the Yellowknife Golf Club entrance sign, this bright and colourful sign is surrounded by beautiful local flowers.    


New Course Map sign            

The Course map is now located right at the entrance to the Clubhouse stairs for everyone to see and get an idea of the course lay out.      

13th hole apron                      

A 400 Square yard grass apron was installed to the 13th green to assist with balls approaching the green, since this is a rather short par 4 hole a small pot bunker located front right of the green was also installed when creating the apron.  

13th hole cart path                  

Player safety was a major concern in redesigning the path from the 13th green leading to back towards the 14th hole.  Player will now not have to cross the public part of the road but instead will cross the road behind the fence and come out behind the 10th hole before crossing the parking lot to get to the 14th Tee.

6th hole apron                          

Adding a Grass apron to this difficult par 3 will benefit all level of players; it will enable you to land short of the green and get that bounce up onto the putting surface.  This new apron that will be completed in the summer of 2015 will also include a new sprinkler system to ensure we have solid growth on this hole for years to come.        


Sprinkler system upgrades        

Over the summer of 2014 we have taken the time to start repairing the old sprinkler system on the Grass aprons, this has decreased the amount of time to water the grass and ensuring we are getting a good coverage of water to all areas of the grass. This is a 2-3year repair program that will ensure the longer lasting of our grass aprons.

15th Hole

We extended the grass apron 15 yards further down the fairway, framed the grass area with a rock front and repaired the sprinkler system on this hole.

17th Hole 

Framed the front of the apron with rocks to clearly define the grass edge


New slat walls were installed to better display the products on sale and the exterior was given a fresh coat of paint